What is Data Intelligence (DI)?

DI is the analysis of raw data that is transformed into meaningful information. The knowledge found from DI helps organizations make decisions that create real value for their business while reducing risk.


Why is Data Intelligence relevant?

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), there is more than eight zettabytes of data available, also known as Big Data (1 ZB = 1 billion Terabytes). There is an obvious need to transform the accessible data into tangible models of behaviour, strategies and analytics. Therefore, understanding how data can interact with each other is a coveted skill for any person involved in an organization’s decision making process.

What is Data Science?

Data science is devoted to the study of processes and systems that obtain knowledge through the transformation of data from various sources. Data science is known to be the continuation of data analysis fields such as data mining, statistics, data warehousing, data compression, etc.


How can Data Intelligence help my field?

Every industry has a pool of data that can be analyzed and transformed. Therefore, choosing to learn about data science is not about which industry you work in, but rather how data-driven decision making can improve your performance in any field. It is useful for Finance, Marketing, Research, Operations, Politics, Medicine, Law and many other fields


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